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The Captain James Beech House offers modern amenities in historical setting in the heart of downtown Stephenville.

Photo/DB Media


The next time you pay a visit to Stephenville, Texas, make a reservation to stay at the newly-renovated Captain James Beech House.


The historical home located in the heart of downtown offers the modern amenities people who enjoy travel expect in a newly-refurbished home built sometime in the 1850s to 1870s.


 “The original Erath County Courthouse burned in the 1880s and many of the records from that time were lost,” owner Kim Hammon told Beneath the Surface News.

“Captain James Beech was one of the area’s original pioneer entrepreneurs and one of the first people we were able to track back to owning this home.


“When he lived there, the house had one bedroom, a small living area and two fireplaces he used to cook with.”


Kim and her husband Shannon purchased the home in 2010 and spent years making renovations while preserving some of its most important architectural features like the original fireplaces and limestone exterior.


“One of my favorite things are the old worn limestone front steps,” Kim said. “Every time I step inside, I think of the people who walked those steps over the years.


“I just love it.”

The home is filled with antiques and includes two-bedrooms with king-size beds, Internet, WiFi, a rain shower, toiletries and hair dryer.


There’s also a beverage bar with refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, utensils, wine glasses and an outdoor grill and seating.


The home is located just one block from the Bosque River Trail and is close to several downtown restaurants and retailers.


“We have had a great amount of positive feedback from people who just love this home,” Kim said.

“We have heard from so many people who have amazing memories in that house and we wanted to turn the building into something that others could experience.”


You can find the Captain Hames Beech House on Airbnb by clicking here.

Pricing ranges from $100-$400 per night.


Keep in mind that pets are not allowed and this home is not suitable for young children.






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