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Texas Health Stephenville expects more vaccines this week as 15 remain hospitalized for Covid-19.

Texas Health Stephenville is expected to receive another round of vaccines this week as the spread of Covid-19 continues across the area.

“Texas Health Resources recently received approximately 8,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and administered all of those shots to frontline caregivers so that they can continue to provide care to those in need,” THS president Chris Leu told Beneath the Surface News. “We expect to receive our next round of vaccines this week and will continue administering the vaccines based on state and federal guidelines.”

With 15 patients being treated in the hospital for Covid-19, those vaccines can’t come soon enough.

Erath County officials issued the latest numbers on Tuesday that included 52 new cases diagnosed over the Christmas holiday: 31 in Stephenville and 21 in the county.

There are now and estimated 356 active cases across the area.

It is still not clear when the general public will have the chance to receive the vaccine.

“The government continues to determine the process for how vaccines will be administered to the general public, and we will play whatever role we are asked to play in that effort,” Leu said.


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