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Team Clean is helping businesses operate safely as fear of COVID-19 lingers.


Team Clean has been operating just under the radar in Stephenville and the surrounding area for about 12 years.

And that’s how owner Shannon Hammon likes it.

But in the age of COVID-19, the company has moved to the forefront of the fight to keep the virus from spreading as businesses turn to Hammon and his staff for their expertise in cleaning and disinfecting.

“We are working with several local banks to help them continue operating safely,” Hammon said. “Our team goes into businesses and assesses its needs. The scope of high-touch surface areas has expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, a lot of people don’t think about disinfecting things like light switches.”

But they do.

As business across Texas continues to re-open, companies are turning to Team Clean’s expert advice on ways to keep their customers and employees safe.

“All of the products we use are hospital-approved disinfectants,” Hammon said.

Team Clean services dozens of doctor’s offices and large businesses across the region, as well as manufacturing plants.

“Our team goes in during shift change and gets the facility clean and ready for the next shift,” Hammon said.

The company has 22 employees and services businesses in Erath County, Weatherford, Granbury and Glen Rose.

Team Clean only offers commercial cleaning, not residential. They also do construction clean and make-ready.

For a free quote, call Team Clean at 817-773-4429 or email


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