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Tarleton honors 12 educators (including 2 at Stephenville ISD) with Crystal Apple Award.

TSU Media Relations

Tarleton State University recognized 12 distinguished educators last week with induction into the Crystal Apple Society.

In 2012 the College of Education, under the leadership of Dr. Jill Burk, established an award to honor educators who make a positive impact on students. Since then, Crystal Apple Society Award winners have been identified annually.

This year’s honorees are Bret and Monica Barrick, Dalta Ann Coulter, Jody Fain, Kevin Ferguson, Max Glauben, Dr. Russ Higham and Debby Hopkins-Higham, Dr. Beck Munsey, Diane Pokluda, Dr. Beth Riggs and Michel Wimberly.

“These 12 outstanding educators are making a positive impact across our great state!” Tarleton President James Hurley tweeted after the ceremony.

Two of the 12 that were honored teach at Stephenville ISD.

Stephenville health science teacher Jody Fain was nominated by four of her students, who touted the positive impact her cheerful, caring nature and active communication had on them, even inspiring one to go to medical school.

Kevin Ferguson has taught sixth-grade science since 1992 at Gilbert Intermediate, where he is lead teacher and department head.

He was nominated by the Howell family who said his passionate teaching style is what makes him stand out as an educator.


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