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Tarleton basketball fans are in for a treat: Red Panda to perform at halftime show Saturday.

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Photo of Red Panda courtesy FARALLON ENTERTAINMENT

Tarleton State University basketball fans are in for a very special treat on Saturday when one of college and professional sports premier halftime acts comes to Stephenville.

Casey Hogan, Tarleton’s senior associate athletic director, told Beneath the Surface News that Red Panda is scheduled to perform at halftime during the men’s basketball game beginning at 7 p.m. Saturday at Wisdom Gym.

If you are unfamiliar with Red Panda, read this story by Sports Illustrated.

Krystal Niu, known as Red Panda, has been performing as a Chinese acrobat for 33 years and currently works for the NBA halftime shows.

She began training when she was just 11-years-old and developed her unicycle bowl-flipping act while performing for the Shangai Acrobatic Troupe.

During her halftime shows, Krystal rides a seven-foot unicycle, kicks several bowls at a time into the air and lands them in an ever-growing and wobbly stack on her head.

She holds the world record for the feat, which was broadcast on the Guinness World Records television show in 1999.

Tickets to Saturday’s game can be purchased by clicking here.

Tickets can also be purchased by calling 254-968-1832 or visiting the Tarleton Athletic Ticket Office, located on the west side of The Lonn Reisman Athletic Center and Memorial Stadium.


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