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Sweet dog that’s had a tough life is one of this week’s featured pets


One of this week’s featured pets up for adoption at the Erath County Humane Society is Lola, a three to four-year-old female pit mix.

“Lola has had a tough life so far,” ECHS executive director Serena Wright told Beneath the Surface News. “She was in two other shelters before she made it here.

“She is a large, sweet girl that loves affection. Her favorite toy is a rubber squeaky pig.”

Lola gets excited about food, but does not get along with other animals.

“She will need a very sturdy fence and should be supervised in the yard if other animals are around,” Serena said. “She does need leash work because she is very strong and pulls hard.”

Lola has a torn ACL from an old injury, which has caused arthritis. She will likely need to stay on medication and could need surgery down the road.

Lola is spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. She is heart worm positive, but has started a slow kill treatment.

Tom Katz is an older cat at least eight years old.

“He is a sweet boy that loves to snuggle,” Serena said.

Tom Katz

Tom Katz is litter box trained and microchipped.

If you would like to meet Lola, Tom or the other 71 dogs or 70 cats that need homes, stop by the animal shelter located at 891 East Road in Stephenville.


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