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Summer reads: This rich new series is a little Christian Grey-ish. (You know who I’m talking about.)

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

My new summer addiction is a series by Victoria Quinn that kept me glued to my Kindle while speed reading through the first three books.

I stumbled upon this series while reading book reviews on Amazon. I wasn’t sure I’d like it and I was right. I loved it!

Book one in the Soulless series is called The Man Who Has No Soul and centers around billionaire Deacon Hamilton (think Christian Grey without the whip).

Deacon is cold and rude and recovering from a recent divorce. His move from California to New York places him in a high-rise apartment building that caters exclusively to the uber-rich.

That’s where he meets Cleo, a young superstar in the concierge world who is charged with helping Deacon manage his life.

She is young and beautiful (of course) and as Cleo makes Deacon’s life easier the two form a bond, and, well, you can probably imagine where it goes from there.

If you liked 50 Shades of Grey, you will enjoy the Soulless series. There is no “red room” but there are plenty of sex scenes in book 2 (The Man Who Has No Heart) and book 3 (The Man Who Has No Love) that will make you blush.

I skimmed over the graphic parts (but I won’t judge if you don’t) and focused on the budding love story and cliffhangers attached to the jealousy that comes with a young relationship and a really nasty ex-wife.

If you are looking for mindless entertainment this summer, give this series a try.

Book 4 is coming soon and I I can hardly wait.


For less sex and more mystery, pick up Shari Lapena’s newest release, The End of Her. Her trademark suspense is at its finest in this book which centers around secrets that threaten to destroy a young family.

I devoured this thriller in one day.

I started it on a plane trip home from Mexico and finished it later that night. Lapena is one of my favorite authors who always wraps up her mysteries with a quirky ending.

You will love it.

Then cruise your way through a great read with The Cabin Below by N.L. Hinkens.

This high-seas adventure is about two couples, their budding friendship and deep troubles brewing in each of their marriages.

It’s murder and mayhem at its best and the twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end.

It might even make you rethink taking that end-of-summer cruise.

Happy reading!


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