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Stephenville’s iconic Moo-La removed from courthouse square to get ‘gussied up’ for 50th birthday.

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Stephenville’s famed Moo-La has been temporarily removed from her perch on the Erath County courthouse square and taken to Hunter Body Works where she will get a makeover for her 50th birthday.

Court Cole and Lee Schwartzkopf, owners Signs Express Plus, transported Moo-La to the “spa” on Wednesday morning.

Clynt Hunter, owner of Hunter Body Works, is giving Moo-La the makeover at no cost to the city, Julie Smith, manager of Stephenville’s Tourism and Visitors Bureau, told Beneath the Surface News.

“She will be sanded, repainted and all gussied up in advance of her 50th birthday,” Julie said. “I want to thank Signs Express Plus and Hunter Body Works because they are doing this pro bono and we really appreciate it.”

Moo-La’s trip to the spa is expected to last a few weeks, then she will be brought home.


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