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Stephenville’s health authority says Omicron ‘most likely’ the variant in rash of new Covid cases.

I don’t know about you, but we know lots of people whose holiday plans have been sidelined by Covid-19.

In fact, one of the couples we planned to spend New Year’s Eve with had to cancel after getting sick.

So I reached out to Stephenville’s health authority Dr. Kelly Doggett with a few questions.

Namely, I was curious if the rash of new cases involve the Omicron variant.

His answer: “Most likely.”

“Last week it was 92% of new cases in Texas,” Dr. Doggett said. “We are seeing numerous breakthrough cases in fully immunized and boosted patients as well as those that have already had Covid.

“Most monoclonal antibody therapy is ineffective against Omicron and the one that is effective is in short supply.

“Although the Omicron variant is generally thought to be less severe, people are still getting hospitalized with it and some are dying.

“Getting vaccinated is still a good idea even though it’s not 100% effective in preventing illness, especially with Omicron, it still seems that those that become ill with Covid have less severe symptoms and better outcomes.”

As of Monday, Dec. 27, Covid ActNow rates Erath County’s risk level as “medium.”

The website states that Erath County averages seven new cases of Covid daily and has a 40% vaccination rate among residents.


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