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Stephenville paramedic hosts variety of CPR classes for individuals, businesses, healthcare workers.

Kiela Whitten has been a paramedic for more than 10 years. She now offers private CPR classes.

Stephenville paramedic Kiela Whitten has been saving lives for more than 10 years and she’s made a career out of teaching others to do the same.

Kiela works as the lead instructor at Ranger College’s EMT program. She is also a part-time paramedic in Erath County and works one day a week in the emergency department at Fort Worth’s Cook Children’s Medical Center.

She also manages to carve out time for private instruction, offering CPR classes to healthcare workers, students and businesses that need training for insurance purposes.

“I am an American Heart Association CPR instructor and teach individuals as well as groups,” Kiela told Beneath the Surface News. “I host classes in Stephenville or can travel with my equipment to their facility.”

Kiela offers three courses:

Basic Life Support Healthcare: For healthcare professionals and students only.

Heartsaver CPR: Covers CPR, how to use an AED and how to relieve choking for all age groups.

Heartsaver First Aid CPR: Covers everything in Heartsaver CPR and additionally offers training in a variety of other emergencies like seizures, strokes, heart attacks, snake bites and severe allergic reaction.

“Having this knowledge and acting in an emergency can make a big difference in a person’s chance of recovery,” Kiela said. “My little sister is a severe asthmatic and, like many others, carries an EpiPen. If they are in a place where they can’t give it to themselves, people need to know how to help them.”

The cost for classes depends on size and instruction, and group discounts are available. For more information or to schedule a class, call Kiela at 254-592-3612 or find her on Facebook at CPR Instructor Kiela Whitten.


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