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Stephenville is in the running for $25k grant for all-inclusive playground and your vote is needed.

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Thanks to State Farm agent Casey Cumby, Stephenville is now in the running to receive a $25,000 grant that will be used for the city’s all-inclusive playground.

Casey told Beneath the Surface News that Stephenville is one of 200 finalists in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist® grant program.

“This year, 100 winning causes will be chosen, giving us a better chance to win,” Casey said. “We are asking the community to rally behind our cause and cast a vote to help us.”

All you have to do is click this link, sign up and cast your vote.

It’s that simple!

Voting will be open through May 6 and you can cast up to 10 votes per day.

Stephenville will find out on June 7 if it is one of the lucky 100 causes selected to receive the $25,000 grant.

Keep your fingers crossed and start voting now!


The dairy-themed playground will be located at City Park and include unique swing sets for those using a mobility device as well as slides, climbing pieces, a seesaw and other sensory-rich devices.

“The total cost for this project is $400,000 which includes demolition, necessary excavation, all the play features and pour-in-place surface which is ideal for any form of mobility device to maneuver easily,” Kelli Votypka, director of parks and leisure services, told Beneath the Surface News.

If you would like to make a donation to the project, contact Votypka at 254-918-1216 or email


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