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Stephenville 4th grader’s good deed earns spot on Good Morning America and interview with Amy Robach

Paxton Ables is a voice actor who donated a portion of the money he earned this summer to Backpack Buddies of Erath County.

When nine-year-old Paxton Ables decided to donate some of the money he earned as a voice actor this summer, he never imagined the good deed would land him in the national spotlight.

But the Hook Elementary fourth grader will be interviewed by Amy Robach on Monday, Sept. 28, and the interview will be featured on Good Morning America’s afternoon edition in a segment called What You Need to Know.

Paxton’s parents Michael and Kelly Ables say they are proud of their son who they describe as mature and intensely empathetic.

“He just gets it,” Michael said. “He feels that need in others.”

Paxton not only feels the need in others, but he works to “fill” that need with action.

“I learned about Backpack Buddies after I saw one of the kids taking out their food and that’s when I knew I wanted to help,” Paxton told Beneath the Surface News.

Paxton was hired for a large voice-over project this summer and donated $1,000 of his earnings to Backpack Buddies of Erath County.


When a GMA producer learned what Paxton had done, they contacted his school who then made contact with Paxton’s father.

“I was speechless for a moment when I found out that he would be interviewed by Amy Robach,” Michael said. “It’s an honor.”

Paxton will do the interview via Zoom on the morning of Sept. 28 and it will be aired that afternoon.

I asked Paxton if he has any pre-interview jitters.

“Eh, kinda. Not really,” he said.

So I think the jury is still out on that one, but I’m guessing the kid who is used to cutting commercials and lending his voice to cartoon characters will do just fine.

Paxton is set to receive Stephenville ISD’s Core Values Medallion on Sept. 21, then he will begin cutting a new commercial for a Canadian junior league curling club.


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