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Ranger College now offering free training, certification in the field of information technology.

If you have always dreamed of a career working in the world of information technology, Ranger College is now offering a free training course that will help you get started.

The tuition-free course in CompTIA is totally online via Zoom with a live instructor.

"Texas is currently experiencing large workforce gaps in many occupations and vocational trade jobs, such as CNC machining and nursing. The CompTIA course will assist in closing the shortage of IT specialists,” said Dr. Matt Underwood, vice president of the Erath County Center in Stephenville. “We are honored to be part of equipping and preparing students to enter the workforce.”

The program, which typically costs $1,300, is funded by TRUE Grant and includes training in in-network trouble shooting, cabling, configuration and operations as well as course materials and certification examination upon completion.

Certification holders can pursue careers as IT managers, computer support specialists, help desk technicians and network administrators.

Enrollment for spring 2023 is now available to any Texas resident 16 and older.

For more information, contact Kenette Shaw at or 254-647-3234, ext. 7070.


lekor adams
lekor adams
Jun 05

Ranger College is now offering free training and certification in the field of information technology, a fantastic opportunity for aspiring IT professionals. By incorporating devsecops as a service, students can gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge practices. Oteemo’s foundation, rooted in the belief that impactful enterprise transformations are crafted from the ground up, supports this initiative. Our expertise in guiding businesses towards modernizing their digital capabilities ensures a competitive advantage and superior service delivery. We assist both commercial enterprises and federal agencies in harnessing modern technology, expediting digital transformations. This program is a significant step toward building a skilled and technologically adept workforce.


Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
Aug 23, 2023

Exciting news from Ranger College as they pave the way for aspiring IT professionals by offering free training and certification in the rapidly evolving field of information technology. This initiative, in collaboration with Modern Office Methods, underscores the growing demand for skilled IT professionals and the college's commitment to equipping students with relevant skills. Modern Office Methods, known for their expertise in IT project management and innovative solutions, is a fitting partner for this endeavor. As technology continues to shape various industries, providing accessible training opportunities is a significant step toward addressing the skills gap. Ranger College's forward-thinking approach, combined with Modern Office Methods' experience, holds the promise of empowering individuals to excel in the dynamic landscape of information technology.

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