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Please vote YES on Proposition E and support the city’s approved plan for the Bosque River Trail.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Proposition E will extend the Bosque River Trail along the perimeter of the city and connect its two major parks. When combined with the existing phases, the additions will link a total of over 130 acres with a network of side linkages to area sites and Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Little League and the Youth Soccer Association facilities.

Why should you support the trail? Listen to your neighbors who can be found walking, biking or jogging on it:

“I support expansion of the wonderful community trail. We use it regularly to enjoy the outdoors and to enjoy the many benefits of exercise while crossing paths with old friend and new friends.” – Joe P.

“I am thankful that the trail is available, and utilize it for my daily walk/runs. It is great to see so many others enjoying it, too.” – Lisa J.

“I enjoy using the trail on a regular basis. It provides dedicated areas for walkers, runners and bikers of all ages to enjoy. Expansion of the trail would create more opportunities for citizens to get active and to get outdoors.” – Tysha D.

“The Bosque Trial is for all ages from wheelchairs to baby strollers. Please vote to expand this great park.” - Don M.\

A YES vote on Proposition E will help preserve our Bosque River for current and future generations.

Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said, “The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world it leaves its children.” Together, we have a unique opportunity to preserve for our community the very reason our city exists in this beautiful part of Texas.

The extended Bosque River Trail will be a walkable pathway through Stephenville and Proposition E will showcase improvements to the Bosque River quality as a “learning laboratory” for education as well as recreation.

Stephenville’s roots are in the muddy bottom of the Bosque. A YES vote on Proposition E will allow the “el bosque” (the forest) area to serve as an inspiration of how to preserve a natural resource, and enhance outdoor recreation and inspire future generations in the value of our Bosque River.

More than a walking trail, the trail is a plan for restoration, preservation, recreation and celebration!

Bosque River Conservancy -

J. Brad Allen

Metta Collier

Michele Dunkerley

Kenny Weldon


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