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Plans for The Stable continue to evolve as Chick-fil-A applies for building permit.

Plans for what city officials have called a “new era” in Stephenville continue to evolve, with the latest renderings showcasing an impressive restaurant and retail site that will include Chick-fil-A and McAlister’s Deli.

Construction on The Stable – located at W. Washington Street and Wolfe Nursery Road across from Walmart – is already underway.

I received word on Tuesday that Chick-fil-A has officially begun the process of obtaining its building permit.

City manager Allen Barnes said construction on the restaurant is expected to begin this summer with plans to open before the end of the year.

(And now all I can think about is a spicy chicken sandwich.)

“We are excited that The Stable is progressing, and that two great restaurants - Chick-fil-A and McAlister’s Deli – have inked contracts,” Mayor Doug Svien told Beneath the Surface News. “We hope to be able to make more announcements soon and appreciate the financial investment of Las Aguilas in the city of Stephenville.”

More announcements soon? You heard it here first.

Stay tuned.


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