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Owners of Golden China announce it will close permanently, leaving behind a string of broken hearts

Golden China announced Tuesday that it is closing permanently.


Stephenville’s collective hearts are breaking this morning with news that one of the city’s most iconic restaurants is closing its doors permanently.

Golden China, located in the Bosque River Center, will not reopen - even when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

The restaurant’s owners made the announcement on Facebook Tuesday morning

“Thank you so much for being patient with us, it’s a wild world out there! So to let you all know, it’s been decided that Golden China will close its doors for good,” the post states. “It’s definitely not the way we imagined the final days would turn out. And it is a little sad how quiet and empty the rest of the Bosque River Center is as well. It really does show that we are but one world.

“But you always do your best to play the cards you’re dealt and we’ve decided it’s a sign to go ahead and fully retire/move on to the next chapter of our lives.”

Golden China was locally famous for its weekday buffet and orange chicken.

It was located right next to the movie theater, making it the perfect spot for family fun days and date nights.

Golden China’s Facebook post ended with a giant tug to the heartstrings.

“Thank you so much for your years of support and wonderful memories. We will miss chatting with you all, the events we participated in, the recognition you’ve given us on behalf of a community.

“Thanks to our staff for giving our customers a wonderful experience, the pranks you played, the friendships you’ve forged, the children you’ve helped grow.

“Do stay safe out there and don’t be afraid to give us a shout if you stumble across us. We give you our biggest blessings for the year.”

And thank you, Golden China, for giving us a wonderful place where families and friends gathered for years to enjoy a delicious meal.

You will be sorely missed.



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