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Optavia: One year later. I bet you are wondering if I’ve gained any of the weight back.

The Husband and I on a recent trip to Mexico.

It’s been one year since I began my journey with Optavia.

I started the weight loss plan on June 22, 2021 – just as summer was getting underway, and for us, that means traveling, pool parties, cocktails and lots of socializing.

But rather than putting it off, I stuck with the decision to get started even if it meant that I would have to sideline some fun.

There would always be an excuse.

So, after talking with Julie Brinkley (an Optavia health coach based in Stephenville) and getting my first month’s order of “fuelings,” I set out to reach my goal of losing 20 pounds.

I lost 13 in the first five weeks and by the time the third month rolled around, I was down 22.

Out of all the stories I have written, my weight loss journey has, by far, generated the most personal feedback.

One of the things I heard most was, “What happens when you get off the plan? Will you gain it all back?”

I always respond with the same answer: If I go back to old habits the weight will come back no matter how I lose it.

So now, after reaching my goal nine months ago, you’re probably wondering how much weight I’ve put back on.

Well, I’m happy to report that I’ve kept it all off.

Optavia is still a big part of my life, and the truth is, I’m scared to completely sever ties.

The plan gives me the tools I need to strike a balance; one that allows me to feel comfortable eating out, traveling, socializing and enjoying a little wine without reversing the progress I’ve made.

For me the secret to staying accountable means stepping on the scale almost every day (even those dreaded Mondays following a weekend of travel and eating out).

If I’m up a pound or two, I get back on plan for a couple of days and the weight comes right back off.

I still keep plenty of Optavia’s “fuelings” on hand because The Husband is on plan as well (and looks amazing).

He’s a big guy and didn’t follow the exact 5&1 plan that I did, but he has enjoyed great success with the 4&2 version.


Many of you are familiar with Optavia because of Julie Brinkley who has a weekly cooking show on Beneath the Surface News and The Crumb page is full of her lean and green recipes.

She was an important part of my success.

If you decide to give the program a try, give her a call at 254-485-9987 otherwise you will be assigned a random coach.

And let me say this: I do not receive any compensation for promoting Optavia.

My experience with this program is authentic and it worked so well for me that it would feel criminal not to share it.

Losing weight is hard, especially when you reach a certain age like I have, but if you are committed, this plan makes it easy.

It’s not inexpensive, but investing in my health was money well spent.

If I can do it, I have no doubt that you can too.


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