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November's live cooking shows will focus on healthy recipes for your Thanksgiving table.

This is my favorite time of year, but the thought of all that holiday eating has sent me into a bit of a tailspin.

I don’t want to pack on the pounds this month, but neither do I want to miss out on Thanksgiving festivities, which is why I turned to Julie Brinkley for help.

Julie, as you know, is a local weight loss coach who recently helped me ditch 20 pounds - and I am determined to keep it off.

I figured if I was worried about gaining weight during the holiday season, you might be too.

So, guess what?

Julie’s November cooking shows will showcase healthy alternatives to popular Thanksgiving recipes.

Here’s the schedule:

NOV. 3 - Sensible strategies to sail through the holiday season without setbacks; green bean casserole without the guilt and other smart sides for your Thanksgiving table. NOV. 10 – Let’s talk huffin’ for the cauliflower stuffin’. Recipe hacks with a side of social strategies for the holiday party scene.

NOV. 16 - (This week’s cooking show will take place on Tuesday instead of Wednesday) - Pass on the mac with this cauliflower mac and cheese and keep the focus on Stop, Challenge, Choose. NOV. 24 - Sensible sweets: Treasure your family, not the food, focusing on struggles with emotional eating and how to overcome it through the holiday season.

You can tune in to Julie’s live cooking shows at 11 a.m. every Wednesday on Beneath the Surface News Facebook page.


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