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No baking required: Cold Smoke Craft House is more than great coffee. There's goodies too.

Updated: Dec 27, 2023


There are three reasons I don’t do much baking.


1.     I’m not very good at it.


2.     Our kids no longer live at home.


3.     If I have sweets in the house, I eat them.


But it’s Christmas, after all, and if you don’t have sugar in the house, Santa doesn’t like it, which is why I headed to Cold Smoke Craft House in Stephenville this morning.


Three of the five kids arrive tonight (the other two get in tomorrow) and I have a big pot of lasagna soup simmering on the stove.


They would have been disappointed to learn there was no dessert. 

And that’s where Cold Smoke came in.


This cute little spot (there are actually two in Stephenville) is more than just a coffee house.  

Think jumbo s'mores, chocolate chip, Reese's peanut butter, snickerdoodle and sugar cookies and freshly-baked scones, muffins and breads.

And they are delish!

Save time in the kitchen this Christmas and check out the goodies Cold Smoke has!







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