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Newton’s Cellar will offer local fine dining you’ve been craving. And it's opening soon.

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Save the date.

Cowboy Chef Mike Newton is set to open Newton’s Cellar Private Reserve in Stephenville on Sunday, Nov. 1.

“That’s my opening day,” Newton told Beneath the Surface News. “We plan to do a popup dinner that night – a pre-fixed, six-course meal - and offer seating for about 50.”

Reservations will be required.

The restaurant will be open for dinner Thursday through Saturday with two seatings per night.

Texas wild boar chop with port wine demi-glace. PHOTOS COURTESY MIKE NEWTON

And if you enjoy delicious food in a sophisticated setting, Newton’s Cellar is just what you have been wishing for.

“This will be an adult environment,” Newton said. “We are here for the food. It’s going to be dark inside and we want to have good conversation. The service is going to be prompt, but it will not be rushed.”

Tables will be lined with linen and candles and customers will be invited to bring their own wine.

(There will even be wine lockers for those who want to keep their favorite bottles stored at the restaurant.)

Newton’s Cellar will open inside The Cellar on College Street and will include an ever-changing menu.

“I have about 150 recipes we plan to run through the restaurant,” Newton said. “The limited menu will focus on performance and quality and our goal is to keep prices under $50 per person.”

The menu will feature a few staples like pan-seared tenderloin, barbecue salmon and green chili mac and cheese.

But Chef Newton likes a good surprise and will offer guests unique appetizers like smoked duck and hoisin pizza; freshly-made sides like bourbon-glazed asparagus and entrees that include pan sautéed duck with cherry port wine sauce, smoked wild boar chop with peach demi-glace and a thick-cut pork chop served with a sorghum bourbon glaze.

Grilled summer peach salad with whipped honey, goat cheese and lemon basil vinaigrette.

There will also be a variety of salads (think smoked salmon Caesar) and a Wagyu burger served on an onion pretzel roll with honey-Dijon mayo and smoked mozzarella cheese.

(Yeah, I can’t wait either.)


Newton’s first big bash is happening Wednesday, Aug. 26, when he hosts a “beefatarian” popup dinner at The Cellar that will include a five-course meal.

There will be limited seating for about 26, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to score a table.

More details on how to do that will be coming soon.

Cowboy Chef Mike Newton


Chef Newton became famous after appearing on the eighth season of MasterChef and more recently starred in an episode of Supermarket Stakeout.

Newton is a native Texan who now lives on a ranch in Lipan.

His interest in food started at a young age.

“My grandmother and my two aunts were great cooks and I learned a lot from them,” he told me in a previous interview. “The first time my aunt made me Crepes Suzette, I was hooked.”

Newton spent years working at high-end restaurants across Texas where he studied alongside the state’s top chefs.

Now he is set to open his own high-end restaurant right here in Stephenville.

“I have always enjoyed Stephenville and it’s close to where I live,” he said. “I have been approached several times over the years about opening a restaurant and I’m looking forward to finally doing it.”


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