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New Erath County foundation formed to assist families of first responders killed in line of duty.

A new non-profit organization has been formed in Erath County aimed at helping the families of first responders killed in the line of duty.

The Erath First Responder Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that assists families of law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and dispatchers when tragedy strikes.

Jack Bragg, who spent more than four decades in law enforcement, is secretary of the organization.

“During my career, over 51 officers were killed in the line of duty,” Bragg told Beneath the Surface News. “My partner was killed in Dallas about 29 years ago, so I know that there is a strong need for something like this.”

Bragg said the goal is to raise enough money that the organization can write a $10,000 check to families for funeral expenses within 24 hours after a loved one is killed.

“Government is slow and it’s going to be awhile before someone steps up to help that family,” he said. “And that’s where this foundation comes in.”

The board, which includes Bragg, Alfonso Campos, VW Stephens, Mitchell Hughes, Tommy Shelton and Jimmy Bradford, is looking for donations and corporate sponsors to get the foundation up and running.

The group is planning its first fundraiser on March 9 (more info on that later) and a recognition banquet on May 4.


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