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Need something altered? Call Trudy the Stephenville Seamstress; she does it all.

I can’t sew.

And when I say can’t sew, I mean it.

I can’t even attach a rogue button to a shirt, which is why I was thrilled to discover local seamstress Trudy Yates a few years ago.

Trudy learned to sew during a Home Economics class she took back in her days at middle school.

“I learned how to sew when I was a kid and I’ve always enjoyed it,” Trudy told Beneath the Surface News. “I did a lot of sewing when my kids were little and I made the bedding for all of my grandkids.”

And speaking of kids, Trudy is the mother of Devan Hanson. She moved to Stephenville several years ago to be closer to Devan, his wife Sara and their children.

Today, she owns and operates her own small business - Trudy the Stephenville Seamstress - from her home in Golf Country Estates.

Trudy has done a lot of work for my family; she’s altered pants for my son, dresses and a jumpsuit for me and even replaced a zipper on my favorite coat.

Now, she is altering a bridesmaid dress for my daughter.

When it comes to alterations, Trudy does it all.

Need a dress or pair of pants shortened? No problem.

Something gaping or a little too big? She’ll get it fixed.

And yeah, she can reattach a button blindfolded.

With prom and wedding season on the way, give Trudy a call for all of your alteration needs. You won’t be sorry.

Cost varies depending on the job.

You can reach Trudy at 512-970-6417 or find her on Facebook at Trudy the Stephenville Seamstress.


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