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Need a good movie? This Netflix original will reaffirm the notion that everything will be ok.

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

I’m bad at picking movies. And when I say bad, I mean terrible.

My choice to watch Me Time last night is proof that I should leave the movie-picking to The Husband.

He is the one, after all, who chose to Watch Look Both Ways on Monday night, and the decision was spot on.

Look Both Ways tells the story of Natalie, (Lili Reinhart) an ambitious college senior with a five-year plan to move to Los Angeles with her bestie and bust into the animation industry.

But a one-night stand and pregnancy test later and the movie diverges into a split-screen of two tales: Her life post positive test and her life post negative.

The struggles of each – single motherhood and single womanhood in the big city - are aptly played by Reinhart along with her fellow castmates, baby-daddy Gabe (Danny Ramirez) and L.A. boyfriend Jake (David Corenswet).

This Netflix original comes with a Rom-Com vibe with the happily-ever-after we all crave. But in between are poignant moments that tap into our universal fears of losing our identity, failure and finding love.

Look Both Ways vividly explores life’s what-ifs, but the best part is its underlying message that while life doesn’t always go as planned, it usually has a way of working itself out.

This movie is a winner.


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