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Need a car dEtAiL? These kids have got you covered.

Aidan, Lucy and Eli Espinoza.


Think of it as a good spring cleaning.

But instead of your home, it’s your vehicle that gets a solid scrubbing behind the ears, errr, rearview mirror.

Three siblings – Aidan, 17, Lucy, 13, and Eli, 10, have started their own business to make a little money this summer.

They’re calling it dEtAiL (the caps stand for the first letter in each of their names.)

Yeah, I thought it was pretty clever too.

These young entrepreneurs – the kids of Moises and Bethany Espinoza – understand the value of hard work.

dEtAiL in action.

“They literally do everything,” Bethany said. “They wash, vacuum, clean the windows, the leather upholstery and tires.”

The trio has already detailed eight vehicles and they have several more on the schedule.

One of those happy customers is Stephenville resident Stephanie McKethan.

“Being the mother of two young boys, there’s no telling what you could find in my backseat,” she said. “They cleaned every inch of my car. It’s probably cleaner now than when I bought it. They did a fabulous job and I highly recommend them.”

Bethany said the kids learned how to care for cars from their father.

“My husband has always been a freak about caring for cars and keeping them clean,” she said.

In fact, Moises’ pickup line was an offer to wash Bethany’s car.

It must have worked because now the couple is happily married and are raising seven children.

And their three oldest are learning the value of hard work and the satisfaction that comes with making their own money.

Aidan is wrapping up his junior year at Stephenville High School and plans to study forensic science in college.

He said part of the money he earns this summer will be saved for college and he hopes to enjoy the rest.

When I asked what makes dEtAiL unique, he said, “We are a family business and we are the best.”


If you’re interested in making an appointment, call or text Bethany at 254-592-1753.

“I will schedule the appointment and we will make arrangements to get the vehicle,” Bethany said.

The process takes about two hours and prices vary.

• $60 for car or small SUV

• $80 for large SUV or small pickup

• $100 for full size pickup or van

• $125 for large trucks

The kids have also found a way to personalize their service.

“We told them that if they are going to do this, they have to show people how much they appreciate their business,” Bethany said. “So, my daughter had the idea to handwrite a thank you note to each of their customers.”

I won’t ruin the surprise by telling you what’s in the note, but it’s pretty special.

Give these kids a call.

After all, nothing feels better than a squeaky clean car.

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