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Nance Chiropractic Clinic takes modern day approach to treating a variety of ailments.

Jerry and Kelijon Nance pictured inside their clinic.

Chiropractors are trained to keep the body functionally optimally by using spinal manipulations to relieve pain in places like the neck and back, but Nance Chiropractic Clinic offers patients seeking relief a wide variety of treatment options that might surprise you.

I sat down with Dr. Jerry Nance and his wife Kelijon at the clinic they opened in Stephenville almost 30 years ago and learned that while the clinic has remained in the same downtown location all these years, what happens inside is much different than when it started.

Today, the clinic has an infrared sauna, commercial grade shiatsu massage chairs, intersegmental traction units and a licensed massage therapist Micah Wait on staff who specializes in deep tissue massage.

Headaches, neck and back pain are by far the most common complaints Dr. Nance said he hears from patients, and he incorporates alternative methods of treatments like acupuncture and dry needling as an adjunct for pain control and relaxation.

“I have found that gentle chiropractic adjustment along with acupuncture can virtually eliminate headaches and migraines,” he told Beneath the Surface News. “I have also worked with VA hospitals to treat amputees experiencing phantom pain.”

Dr. Nance earned a Bachelor of Science at Lubbock Christian University (where he and Kelijon met) and graduated from the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City Missouri.

He grew up on a dairy so settling in Stephenville was a natural fit for the couple.

“Our patients are our best friends,” Kelijon, who works as the clinic’s office manager, said. “We are on our fourth generation of families.”

The clinic sees a variety of patients – from colicky infants, high school and college athletes to senior citizens dealing with the aches and pains associated with age.

Each treatment is customized, and if a patient has a problem Dr. Nance can fix, he refers them to a specialist.

“If I see a problem I know I can’t help with, I send them to someone who can,” he said. “I have a good relationship with the medical doctors in town and have referred patients to spinal doctors in the Metroplex.”

Nance Chiropractic accepts insurance from most major carriers.

For more information about the clinic or to schedule an appointment, call 254-965-6100.


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