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Most local healthcare workers are opting to get the vaccine, hospital president Chris Leu says.

When Texas Health Stephenville received its first allotment of vaccines earlier this week, THS president Chris Leu said most local healthcare providers have opted to get the vaccine.

“We are receiving our allotment of vaccines and have begun vaccinating our frontline healthcare workers so they can continue to provide care as hospitals all over the state are filling with COVID-19 patients,” Leu told Beneath the Surface News. “Our own surveys of employees and physicians have been moving strongly in the direction of getting the vaccine now that is has been determined to be safe and effective by the FDA.”

Chris Leu

He said vaccinations have gone smoothly at Texas Health Stephenville and across the Texas Health system, and that the government is working to determine the process for how vaccines will be administered to the general public.

“We will play whatever role we are asked to play in that effort,” Leu said. “We expect to continue receiving and administering vaccines from the state as per its guidelines to vaccinate healthcare workers first.”

Although a vaccine is now available, Leu is urging the public to continue taking measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“We are fighting this pandemic together and the increasing numbers of patients is directly related to the Thanksgiving holiday,” Leu said. “With Christmas right around the corner we stress that people do the common sense things necessary to help contain and control this disease.”

So wear a mask, wash your hands and socially distance.

“And if at all possible, limit your Christmas this year so you will be here for Christmas next year,” Leu said.


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