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Monday sees 6 new cases of COVID; Dr. Doggett expects numbers to rise.


Erath County has seen a steady increase in the number of residents testing positive for COVID-19 for the past three weeks, and Monday was no exception.

Dr. Kelly Doggett, Stephenville’s health authority, said six new cases were reported Monday with three of those patients residing in the city limits.

“I expect numbers to continue to climb as test results come in,” Dr. Doggett said.

A source told BTS News that several of the new cases involve patients in their 20s, but that could not be confirmed by Dr. Doggett.

"I can't break those numbers down at this point," Doggett told BTS News. "But out of all the numbers we've had, a significant portion is in the 19 to 49 (year) range."

Erath County has now had 42 positive cases since the pandemic began.


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