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Milo gets a trim and Camp VB is almost over. (I’m exhausted.)

Raggedy or California-beach-dog-chic?

Milo, my adorable grandpup that has been staying with us this week, was starting to look like a raggedy mut, according to The Husband.

I liked to think that his long, curly hair that flopped over his eyes was more California-beach-dog-chic, but when his toenails started to feel like talons, I knew it was time for a trip to the doggy day spa.

My daughter Brooke refused to take him to the groomer until he was fully vaccinated, and it just so happened that time arrived this week, so I made an appointment with Pawsitively Perfect Pet Services in Stephenville for a little pampering.

I dropped him off a little before 11 on Friday, then headed to my pedicure. I figured we both deserved a little beautification after the week we have had.

I’ll be sending Milo back to my daughter in Dallas tomorrow looking like he belongs inside a fancy purse.

And really, tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

I’m tired, you guys. Like exhausted.

Who knew puppy-sitting could be so hard?

Milo is an active little guy who fully believes he deserves all of my attention. And yes, he has slept on my head all night, every night.

Going potty in the wet grass doesn’t have much appeal to Milo, so instead, he has popped a squat everywhere but on his pee pads; the living room (6 times) and the master bath (twice).

It’s usually my foot that ends up discovering the pile of stinky doo, sending The Husband into a fit of laughter.

But I’m going to tell you something: He wasn’t laughing when he stepped into a stinky pile of poop with his socks yesterday, sending him skidding across the kitchen tile.

I’m thankful that he didn’t break his neck, but it was freaking hilarious.

Anyway, I’ve determined that babysitting a grandpuppy must feel a little like taking care of grandkids.

It’s a lot of fun, but it’s nice to send them back to their parents.


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