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Mic drop: Spec’s Wines, Spirits and Finer Foods opening in Stephenville’s Bosque River Center.

A retail giant in the wine, spirits and fine food industry is on its way to Stephenville.

Spec’s is set to open in the Bosque River Center between Boot Barn and 4 Kids Only in late November.

I spoke with Stephenville businessman VW Stephens, who is working with the group bringing in the retailer, and he told me that renovations on the 15,000-square foot building are now complete.

"The remodel is finished and (the building) is being turned over so they can begin bringing in coolers and setting things up,” VW told Beneath the Surface News. “We are hoping to get them open by late November.”

If you have never been inside a Spec’s, you’re missing out.

The sprawling retailer carries a huge selection of wines, spirits and specialty foods like caviar, olives, cheeses, condiments, pastas, vinegars and sauces.

They even sell a huge variety of cigars.

(VW said the Stephenville store will be slightly bigger than Boot Barn, so wow!)

Spec’s is one of our favorite places to go during the holiday season, and where you’ll find everything you need to host those upcoming celebrations.

(Something new is also brewing in the former JC Penney building and I hope to release that information soon as well.)

Stay tuned!


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