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MasterChef contestants reunite for two-night event this weekend at Newton’s Cellar. I can’t wait.

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Gabriel Lewis and Mike Newton


Cowboy Chef Mike Newton and Chef Gabriel Lewis became fast friends when they appeared together on the eighth season of MasterChef.

Newton was eliminated during episode 12 and Lewis departed on episode 16, but the two remained close long after the season came to an end.

The chefs are reuniting again this weekend, pairing up for a special two-night event at Newton’s Cellar in downtown Stephenville.

"Events with Gabe Lewis are probably my favorite; he and Mike are so great together,” Melanie Newton told Beneath the Surface News. “It’s not always about balancing a chef’s ego in the kitchen; these two have a lot of respect for one another.”

Newton and Lewis will be in the kitchen at Newton’s Cellar on Friday and Saturday nights (Sept. 10 and 11) to cook dinner and mingle with guests.

Customers will be able to order off the regular menu or choose specials created by the chefs each evening.

There will even be a couple of specialty cocktails available – the “Cowboy” and “Young’un” – to go with the dishes.

For a MasterChef super fan like me, this is exciting stuff.

The Husband and I already have our dinner reservation made for Friday, and if you want a table, you better not wait.

Make your reservation by clicking here or by calling 254-505-3235.

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