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Lucky again: New restaurant bringing upscale dining experience to downtown Stephenville.

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Jeff and Kimberly Hutchins in front of The Wyatt. Their new restaurant Lucky & Co. will be located on the first floor.

Jeff and Kimberly Hutchins are experts in the field of hospitality.

The couple owns the award-winning Lucky Vines Vineyard and Winery and Lucky Brewing Co. in Dublin, and now they’re bringing that luck to Stephenville with a new restaurant - Lucky & Co. - opening at The Wyatt next spring.

During an interview with Jeff and Kimberly last week, I asked them to give me a few words that describe the restaurant’s vibe.

“Classic, sexy, timeless, velvet, open, inviting,” Kimberly told Beneath the Surface News. “I want dining with us to be an experience.”

The couple is currently working with a team of designers to create a high-end “artsy” feel that will be paired with an eclectic menu.

They have hired Executive Chef Courtney Billen, who specializes in global cuisine and fine dining, to help develop a small plate concept of pairing menus.

“The most exciting part about this project is that we are bringing something to Stephenville that doesn’t exist anywhere around here,” Courtney said. “Our concept and main focus are pairing menus – developing a culinary and beverage experience for everyone who walks through the door.”

Chef Billen said the menu will be curated for each season and include classic, contemporary dishes with “global inspirations and a fusion of cuisines.”

“Everything that Courtney does is elevated,” Kimberly said. “She really shines when you give her the reins, then she’ll knock it out of the park.”

Lucky & Co. will be located at the bottom floor of The Wyatt and will include a full-service bar and distillery.

“I’m ecstatic for this opportunity to join an already stellar downtown scene,” Jeff said. “I think the property itself will be a marvel and I’m thankful to have been in the right place at the right time to be able to occupy it.

“I am confident that we will attract an audience that all the local businesses in proximity will benefit from and truly relish this opportunity to bring the ‘luck’ to the ‘Ville.”

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Aug 29, 2023

How wonderful to regenerate the old buildings downtown! This will be a wonderful benefit to the city, and especially for the downtown businesses.

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