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Little Authors: This new business is upping the cute factor in Dublin and your kids will love it.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Little Authors is opening soon on Blackjack Street in Dublin between Blackjack's Coffee Shop and Things Celtic.

A new business in Dublin is tapping into children’s creativity and bolstering their literary skills.

Little Authors owner Michelle Dummar told Beneath the Surface News that this is how it works: There are five standard books to choose from with titles like “Sneaky Ninjas,” “Dino Versus Shark” and “Pretty Princess.”

The books are in mad lib format meaning the stories are written with words replaced by blank spaces. The child fills in those blanks using their imagination, then draws the illustrations.

“The kids come up with some wild and crazy things,” Michelle said.

The “little authors” then place the pages into a robo-binder, push a few buttons and watch the blinking lights go haywire as a hardbound copy of the book is put together.

Then voilá!

The book comes out on a conveyor belt and lands into the hands of its author.

Little Authors’ parent store is located in San Antonio.

“We fell in love with Dublin and thought it would be the perfect place to open a second store,” Michelle said.

Each week there will be a different theme.

On Saturdays, Little Authors will host special activities like crafts and cooking decorating that center around the week’s theme. Prices will range from $5-$15 depending on the activity.

Little Authors is located at 113 Blackjack Street and your kids will love it.

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Radika Iyer
Radika Iyer
Jul 21, 2022

You can visit the website at

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