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Life has been hard for this week’s featured pets that survived abandonment, starvation and illness.


Life hasn’t been easy for this week’s featured pets up for adoption at the Erath County Humane Society, but finding a loving family would certainly change that.

Meet Miracle, a two-year-old female Pit Bull Terrier.

“She was surrendered in a neglect case,” ECHS executive director Serena Wright told Beneath the Surface News. “She loves people and loves hugs.”

Miracle has food aggression due to being starved so she needs to be fed separately.

She gets along with other male dogs, but needs a slow introduction.

Miracle is microchipped and kennel trained, but will have accidents if she isn’t let outside.


“This chunky little guy has had a rough time since he got here,” Serena said. “He had ticks, then ringworm and just finished treatment for ear mites, but he is super sweet and playful.”

Dean is microchipped and litter box trained, but you may want a litter box with a cover because he really kicks around the litter.

You can meet Miracle and Dean at the animal shelter located at 891 East Road in Stephenville.


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