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Jazz up your next pool party with this pretty floating cabana bar.

If you like to float in your pool with cold drinks and nearby snacks, you’ll want to check out this new floating cabana bar I purchased from FUNBOY, a company that has a unique selection of luxury floats.

I bought a raft from the company last year and it’s still one of my favorites. (Here’s the story from last summer.)

While perusing its website a couple of weeks ago, I found this adorable floating cabana bar, and quickly placed an order.

And you guys! It’s so dang cute and functional.

It’s almost 6-feet long and has a place to hold four drinks and two larger spots to keep your fruit, dips and other snacks cool.

I purchased the blue (because it matches my raft), but it also comes in an adorable canary yellow.

I bought the floating cabana in a bundle with a matching tube for $119.

And if you order now, it might arrive in time for the weekend!



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