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If floating in a body of water is your thing, I have a new raft you need to meet.

Jen and I have been working on the tan, but we sure could use a cabana boy.

It’s hot out there, you guys, and the only way to stay cool is by taking up residence in a swimming pool.

And if floating in a body of water is your thing (like it is mine), I’ve got a new raft you need to meet.

FUNBOY is a company that has a unique selection of luxury floats.

Think Bali cabana lounger, a yacht, private jet, golf cart, golden swan and giant pair of red lips (pink ones too).

There’s even a disco float!

I went for something a little less flashy and purchased the Blue Sol Dual Chase a few weeks ago and now it’s on sale for $95.

It’s eight-feet long (so there is plenty of room for you and a friend) and has a cup holder on each side so you don’t get thirsty.

It’s sturdy too, so you will likely avoid those awkward attempts at climbing aboard.

I love it!

I’m so obsessed with my new raft that, much to The Husband’s dismay, I keep it in the formal dining room (fully inflated) because I fear that it will get ruined in the garage.

If you want to elevate your days by the swimming pool (or at the lake), pay a visit to FUNBOY where the float of your dreams is just waiting to whisk you away.


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