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Introducing The Wyatt: Downtown historic landmark is being transformed into upscale living spaces.

You have no doubt seen the renovations underway at the old Long Hotel on College Street in Stephenville.

The once three-story hotel has sat vacant for years, weeds and broken windows showcasing its long-time abandonment.

But the old building is lonely no more.

Today it’s filled with the sounds of renovation, team work, a fresh design and excitement after it was given new life by Reagan and Lindsey Thompson, whose dream of transforming the building into a modern downtown living space is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Lindsey and Reagan sat down with Beneath the Surface News to talk about their plans for the old Long Hotel and how it pairs well with the city’s other downtown amenities.

“As a family with a deep love and big heart for this community, we are honored to bring re-development to the historic Long Hotel in the heart of downtown Stephenville,” Reagan said.

“Our downtown district is a revered special historic place that brings the community together. It is uniquely positioned to provide walkable access throughout the courthouse square, City Park, jogging trail, museum and Bosque River, and it’s less than a mile from the campus of Tarleton State University.”

The lobby inside The Wyatt.


The Wyatt, named after Wyatt Hedrick who designed the Long Hotel in 1938, is set to open in the spring of 2024.

The reimagined building will feature a fourth-floor addition with the top three floors consisting of 15 short and long-term apartments, including one-bed, one-bath units and others with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

“The uniqueness is that you can live and stay in a piece of history which is different than a new building,” Reagan said. “When you walk to your unit you will be walking up a 1938 internal stairwell, original elevator shaft, and then on the actual floor, you will walk down the original 1938 hallway corridor.”

The loft-style apartment building will feature all the modern amenities one would expect to find in a place like The Wyatt.

The first floor of the building will include something else: An upscale bar and restaurant owned and operated by a local couple many of you already know.

I’ll tell you more about this new restaurant opening next year at The Wyatt in a story publishing on Tuesday.

Stay tuned.


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