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If you want to vote for members of the Stephenville City Council, Stephenville ISD, you need to register by April 4.



I know, I know.


You still haven’t recovered from the recent primary election and already it’s time to start thinking of more political races.

Voters will decide on members of the Stephenville City Council and Stephenville ISD Board of Trustees when they go to the polls on Saturday, May 4.


Early voting takes place April 22-30, and if you want to participate, you need to get registered to vote by April 4.


You can do that by clicking here.


Here’s who’s on the ballot for Stephenville City Council:


Stephenville Mayor Doug Svien (uncontested)


Place 2: Gerald Cook (uncontested)


Place 4: Dr. Bob Newby, Dean Parr

Place 6: David Baskett (uncontested)


Place 8: Alan Nix, Dr. Tina Virgin


Stephenville ISD Board of Trustees:


Place 1: Dr. Robert Barberee (uncontested)


Place 2: Rick Gann, Dr. Rita Cook, Magan Estill


Place 3: Chad Elms (uncontested)


Place 4: Douglas Young (uncontested).


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lekor adams
lekor adams
Mar 14

To participate in the crucial decision-making process for the Stephenville City Council and Stephenville ISD, residents must ensure they're registered to vote by April 4. This act of civic engagement is as vital as staying connected in today's digital age, where platforms like video chat rooms and Chatrandom offer innovative ways to communicate globally. Just as Chatrandom bridges distances by allowing individuals to instantly connect with strangers through webcams and video chat features for free, registering to vote empowers citizens to have a direct impact on their local community's future. The ease with which we can now engage in global conversations, share ideas, and make new acquaintances online reflects the importance of participating in local governance. By registering to vote,…

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