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If you plan on ringing in the new year with a couple of cocktails, don’t be dumb about it.

I feel silly writing about something that’s obvious to most grownups, but for those who need to hear it, here goes: If you plan on ringing in 2022 with a couple of adult beverages, don’t get behind the wheel.

I don’t want you to die and I definitely don’t want you to kill someone while you’re driving drunk.

Captain James Gresham with the Stephenville Police Department doesn’t want that either.

He told Beneath the Surface News that there was one DWI arrest in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day last year, but that’s not enough to convince him that people are finally getting the message that drinking and driving is a bad combo.

“Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a DWI arrest almost nightly,” Gresham said. “We are lucky there hasn’t been a fatality.”

With ride share options now widely available, he says there is no longer an excuse to drink and drive.

“A designated driver is someone who has not had anything to drink,” he said. “It’s not the person who has had the least amount to drink.”

Remember that.

And have yourselves a merry little New Year’s Eve.


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