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If you like Mediterranean food, Austin’s beautiful Aba should be on your immediate to-go list.

Short rib shakshuka

Located in the heart of downtown Austin, Aba is a paradise for foodies who love amazing food and gorgeous settings.

I enjoyed brunch with my kids at Aba on Saturday, and when we couldn’t get a table under the covered patio, we opted to dine indoors - and that was just fine.

The restaurant’s visual appeal is stunning. Think trees inside the dining rooms, huge potted plants, twinkle lights and vine-covered walls.

Chef CJ Jacobson boasts a lighter style of cooking with unique Mediterranean dishes served family style (but not in huge portions).

We started with hummus and spreads of whipped feta and muhammara, all served with house bread, while sipping wine and festive cocktails.

Our main course included ahi tuna and watermelon, short rib shakshuka made with local eggs, spicy harissa, graviera and roasted potato, and a bowl of brussels sprouts with almond and cashew dukkah and harissa honey.

It was a wonderland of flavor and I woke up this morning at The LINE hotel wishing I could go back for round two.

But Austin is a mecca for foodies and going to the same place back-to-back would be a cardinal sin, so we are off to discover a new place for Sunday’s breakfast.

But you better believe my next trip to this fabulous Texas city will include another meal at Aba.


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