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Huckabee Inspection Group delivers pizzas to local educators.

Updated: May 11, 2021

Brandon Huckabee, Kari Haile and David Baskett

Teacher Appreciation Week was a good one for local educators who enjoyed piping hot pizza delivered for lunch by the Huckabee Inspection Group, Kari Haile and David Baskett.

Brandon Huckabee, owner of Huckabee Inspection Group, said it was a simple way to give back to teachers.

“Kari reached out to us about a way to celebrate the teachers across the district and we were all in,” Huckabee told Beneath the Surface News. “The past year and a half that they have navigated has not been easy and they have continued to do it with smiles while pouring love into our kiddos.

“They are just another reason Stephenville, Texas is the best place in the world to raise your family and call home.”


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