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Hico students can now earn university credit before they graduate thanks to Tarleton Today.

TSU Media Relations

Beginning this fall, Hico High School students can earn university credit before they graduate, thanks to Tarleton State University’s dual enrollment program, Tarleton Today.

Tarleton and Hico Independent School District leaders inked the agreement in March.

“Earning university credit while still in high school will give these students a jump-start on their post secondary degree, saving them time and money while they learn,” said Tarleton President James Hurley. “Ensuring that all students have an opportunity to reach full potential is our passion.”

Tarleton already collaborates with more than 350 school districts statewide, including Hico, through its nationally acclaimed Distinguished High School Partners outreach. Launched in 2020, the program guarantees admission and provides annual scholarships to qualifying seniors.

Students participating in Tarleton Today will take university courses over a traditional school year, receiving the high school portion of their instruction from their high school teacher and the university portion from a Tarleton professor. In addition to course content, Tarleton faculty will empower students with university-ready skills and provide professional development for collaborating teachers.

Tarleton is developing dual enrollment opportunities in agricultural and STEM areas with school districts throughout Texas. Districts will choose the courses they offer.

“As Hico ISD enters the world of P-TECH and CEN P20 High Schools, we are thrilled to know that Tarleton State University will be a primary partner in this endeavor,” said Hico ISD Superintendent Shelli Stegall.

“The students of Hico High School will greatly benefit from the Tarleton Today program. We look forward to reporting the incredible student outcomes we are sure to see in the coming years.”

Dual enrollment classes use the same lesson materials and learning objectives as courses taught at a Tarleton campus. Students who continue their education at Tarleton automatically qualify for additional scholarships.


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