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Here's what we know about Saturday’s tragic child drowning at Splashville.

Stephenville is a community in mourning.

There isn’t a heart in Erath County that wasn’t shattered Saturday night when news spread that a four-year-old little boy had drowned during a private party at Splashville.

As police continue its investigation into what led to Saturday’s tragedy, Stephenville City Manager Jason King has asked an outside firm to review the incident.

“We will examine everything under a microscope,” he told Beneath the Surface News.

King said the water park will remain closed until the investigation is complete and there has been a full review of Splashville’s operational policies and procedures.


It had been a busy day at Splashville on Saturday, with the water park brimming with kids and families kicking off the hot Texas summer.

Splashville was closed to the public that evening for a private party, and lifeguards were on scene.

To work at Splashville, lifeguards must be at least 15 years old and certified in CPR and other life-saving measures.

Splashville’s maximum capacity is 660, and the number of people attending Saturday’s private party was well under that number.

Shortly before 8 p.m., three whistles were sounded, prompting lifeguards to immediately begin evacuating the pool.

It was the first indication that something was terribly wrong.

The child, who was at the party with a parent, was pulled from the water and attempts to resuscitate him were administered.

He was transported by ambulance to Texas Health Stephenville where he was pronounced deceased by Erath County Judge Brandon Huckabee.

As the community tries to cope with the unthinkable, the city is asking for prayers for the family, lifeguards and other first responders who tried to help that awful night.

King said once the investigation is complete, he anticipates that a full report about the incident will be released to the public.


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