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Here’s an opportunity to sponsor equipment for city's dairy-themed, all-inclusive playground.

Local businesses, organizations and individuals have a unique opportunity to help fund a dairy-themed all-inclusive playground at Stephenville City Park.

Kelli Votypka, Stephenville’s director of parks and leisure services, told Beneath the Surface News that the city is taking donations for the project.

“Residents can donate to the project as a whole or to specific pieces of the playground,” she said.

Donors will get their names placed on the equipment recognizing their sponsorship.

Construction on the project will begin when the funding is secured and take about six months to complete.

“We hope to get started next year,” Votypka said. “It’s a very expensive project, but it’s very needed.”

Here is a breakdown of equipment cost:

Custom barn play structure - $112,462

We saw - $12,766

Rhapsody music area - $7,211

Accessible play panels - $2,288

Swings - $4,421

Tractor - $4,302

We go swing - $36,853

Custom milk tractor - $53,773

Custom corn talk tube - $4,514

Custom animal balance beam - $25,296

(Two) 5 play panel systems - $7,285

“If anyone in the community is interested in funding a piece of equipment, they can them contact me directly,” Votypka said.

Votypka can be reached at 254-918-1216 or

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This is a fantastic opportunity to support the community and create a fun, accessible space for all children. It's a very cool initiative! For businesses involved in packaging and shipping, I recommend using an automatic strapping machine to streamline operations and ensure efficiency.

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