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Hackers access Affordacare’s servers; extent of breach remains unclear


Affordacare Urgent Care Clinic, which operates a location in Stephenville, suffered a ransomware attack in February, reportedly compromising patient information.

According to the Abilene Reporter News, Affordacare discovered the security breach on Feb. 4 and notified its patients that their personal information may have been compromised.

I reached out to Dr. Kelly Doggett for information about the situation and was told that he parted ways with the company more than two years ago.

“I have not been associated with or connected to Affordacare in any way since February 2018,” he said. “I’d have to defer any questions about a data breach of protected health information to their business office in Abilene.”

I contacted that office in Abilene Thursday and asked the woman who answered the phone if any patients in Stephenville were affected.

“I cannot release any of that information,” she said. “I can transfer you to the COO, but I’m not sure he will take your call.”

When I asked the name of the COO, she told me that she could not release that information either.

Then she disconnected.

Patients with questions have been directed to call 833-570-0384.


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