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Great coffee, turkey melts and pastries beckon at Blackjacks; Dublin’s new coffee shop and eatery.


I was coming back from showing a property in Gorman the other day and decided to stop in Dublin to try a new coffee shop called Blackjacks.

My buddy, Joseph Borges, told me about the place and I happened to run into him while I was there. He suggested the breakfast burritos, but they were already sold out so I guess they’re pretty good.

So instead I ordered the turkey melt and was not disappointed.

It was toasted to perfection with just the right amount of mayo. I enjoyed it with a big glass of iced tea.

There's quite a variety on the menu including pastries, pies and tons of craft sodas.

The staff was friendly and efficient while whipping up fantastic coffee and lunch to a packed house.

Stop in and discover Blackjacks; it’s a great addition to Dublin and I bet you will love it as much as I did.

Blackjacks is located at 111 E. Blackjack Street in Dublin.


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