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Good news: Lull in new cases of Covid, hospitalizations drop as vaccination center prepares to open.

There is, perhaps, a little good news in the fight against Covid-19.

As the number of new cases drop slightly, with 12 reported on Monday, the number of local hospitalizations has decreased from 12 to six.

Monday’s new cases include eight in Stephenville and four in the county.

Stephenville’s health authority Dr. Kelly Doggett says that while we may be experiencing a “slight lull” in new cases, residents need to stay vigilant.

“As far as the pandemic, it’s not over,” Doggett said.


Doggett said an “excellent team” has been assembled to make mass vaccinations available in Stephenville this week.

“They have moved amazingly fast,” he said. “There are a lot of moving parts and pieces that have to come together before the first (vaccine) is administered. It is going to happen. We just have to continue being patient as all of the initial allocation of vaccine is committed.”

The vaccination center will be open Thursday or Friday in the Bosque River Center. (In the former JCPenney building.)

An online reservation system will be available soon.

Stay connected to Beneath the Surface News for new developments on the vaccine center.


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