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Experience in road projects, commitment to community make Sherman Edward qualified for commissioner.

 I am writing to express my enthusiastic endorsement for my dear friend, Sherman Edwards, who is running for Erath County commissioner of precinct 3.


I have had the privilege of knowing Sherman for many years and I can attest to his unwavering dedication to our community.


Sherman’s commitment to service and his genuine concern for the well-being of our town and its residents are truly remarkable.


One aspect of Sherman’s experience that stands out is his tenure at TxDOT, where he worked diligently on road projects.

His hands-on experience in this field has given him invaluable insights into the infrastructure needs of our community.


Sherman’s expertise, coupled with his passion for improving our roads, makes him exceptionally qualified for the role of county commissioner.


I have full confidence that Sherman will bring the same warmth, integrity and dedication to this position as he has demonstrated in every aspect of his life.


His approachable nature and genuine desire to make a positive impact will serve Precinct 3 well.


Warmest regards,


Randy Thompson,



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