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Exciting news: Littlejohn Produce expands with full meat and seafood markets after purchasing Mac’s.

A photo taken from the new seafood counter at Littlejohns.

Fans of Mac’s Meat and Seafood Market that were saddened over its recent closing have something new to celebrate.

Littlejohn Produce has purchased Mac’s including the rights to its pizza and fajitas recipes.

The expansion, which will be unveiled Thursday (yeah, tomorrow) means that Littlejohns will now carry a full meat market and seafood counter as well as Boar’s Head meats and cheeses.

A sat down with owners Mark and Sherri Littlejohn earlier this week and they told me that their son-in-law and daughter, Ben and Lyndsi Hussey, will be heading up the expansion.

“They are in charge of this new addition,” Sherri said. “Darrell McIntosh (owner of Mac’s) has been so helpful with this transition and we are so thankful for his guidance.”

The meat market will include chicken, pork, beef, custom cut steaks, sausages, specialty burgers, fully-cooked smoked briskets and a variety of appetizers like stuffed jalapeno poppers.

And, of course, there will be those famous fajitas and specialty pizzas Mac’s customers know and love.

The seafood counter will include gulf shrimp with tails, white shrimp that is shelled and deveined, lobster, snow crab legs and catfish.

“I stop by a wholesale meat and fish market every Thursday morning and sometimes they have speckled trout and various other things that we will try,” Mark said.

Littlejohns will, of course, continue carrying a variety of fresh produce and a nursery stocked with seasonal plants and flowers. (They also sell propane.)

And here’s some more exciting news: The season’s first delivery of pumpkins is expected to arrive at Littlejohns next week.

Make plans to stop by this fantastic business located at 513 Lingleville Road in Stephenville and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Littlejohns is open seven days a week.


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