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Erath County Vaccination Center increases hours of operation and ramps up its vaccination effort.

New Covid-19 numbers released Tuesday by Erath County officials show the spread of the disease is remaining relatively low as the Erath County Vaccination Center ramps up its effort to get more people vaccinated.

Erath County emergency management coordinator Susan Driskill reported six new cases; two in Stephenville, one in Dublin and three in the county, bringing the number of active cases to 42.

Texas Health Harris Stephenville is reporting four hospitalizations.

Meanwhile, the Erath County Vaccination Center is increasing its hours of operation and is open all week.

Stephenville’s health authority Dr. Kelly Doggett told Beneath the Surface News that it is not clear when the recently-approved, single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be available locally.

“The center has given over 2,300 first doses and 300 second doses to date,” Dr. Doggett said. “More than 400 second doses are expected to be given this week.

“And I am proud to say that zero doses have been wasted.”


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