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Erath County’s risk level raised to ‘high’ as more new cases of Covid are reported.

Covid ActNow, a website that tracks the spread of Covid-19 across the country, has raised Erath County’s risk level to “high.”

The website states that Erath County sees an average of 14 new cases per day and has a 5.5% positivity rate.

It also states that there are two current hospitalizations, but acknowledges that the latest numbers could be skewed due to the holiday.

When it comes to the number of people vaccinated, the website states: “In Erath County, Texas, 17,172 people (40.2%) have received at least one dose and 15,131 (35.4%) are fully vaccinated.”

The county is now offering help to people who need hand sanitizer or masks.

If you need assistance, call emergency management coordinator Cyndi Smith at 254-965-1326.


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